Terms of Data Usage

  • For Scraped Public Data:
    All researchers can download from our website by providing an email and agreeing to

      a) acknowledge the Kauffman Foundation and Fung Institute,
      b) provide drafts of their working papers for the research community
      c) keep their research up to date on our website, which will list all the ongoing research/publications on the topic, as well as paper presentations at conferences.
  • For Proprietary Data:
    Cal researcher (UC professors and visiting scholars and full time graduate students): full access after

      a) signing NDA,
      b) proposing how they will keep the data secure,
      c) agreeing to destroy data on their computers after research is complete,
      d) acknowledgments for Kauffman, Fung, and data providers.
  • Co-authoring with Cal:
    Data can be downloaded onto their computer, following

      a) approval of Fung Institute Director, and
      b) all stipulations listed for proprietary data